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Faith and love which are gifts of the Holy Spirit are such great and powerful means that a person who has them can easily, and with joy and consolation, go the way Jesus Christ went. Besides this, the Holy Spirit gives man the power to resist the delusions of the world so that although he makes use of earthly good, yet he uses them as a temporary visitor, without attaching his heart to them. But a man who has not got the Holy Spirit, despite all his learning and prudence, is always more or less a slave and worshipper of the world.

St. Innocent of Alaska

The following verse seems to indicate original sin: "For behold, I was conceived in transgressions, and in sins my mother bore me.” (Psalm 50(51):5) I thought that the Orthodox Church does not accept the doctrine of original sin?

What is the difference between Paradise and Hades, and between Heaven and Hell? Are there any people in Heaven or Hell now?  What about Elijah the Prophet?

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Christ the Savior Church
10315 Carey Road
Berlin, MD 21811
Phone: 302-537-6055

Renovations to Parish Center

On Thursday, February 9, 2012, we received our building permit from Worcester County and immediately began renovations to the new Parish Center. It is hoped that renovations would be complete in the next two months so that the faithful might celebrate Holy Pascha in their new facilities. Check back often as this page will be updated as the work continues!

To make a donation via mail:

Please earmark your check for the "Building Fund" and mail it to the following address:

Christ the Savior Orthodox Church
10315 Carey Road
Berlin, MD 21811

To make a donation online:

Other ways you can help:


Renovations through 2/17/12 - 02/17/12

(95 images)

Renovations through 2/23/12 - 02/23/12

(37 images)

Renovations through 2/28/12 - 02/28/12

(40 images)

Renovations through 3/5/12 - 03/05/12

(18 images)

Renovations through 3/8/12 - 03/08/12

(27 images)

Renovations through 4/5/12 - 04/05/12

(33 images)

Renovations through 4/10/12 - 04/10/12

(21 images)

Renovations through 4/21 - 04/21/12

(21 images)

Renovations through 5/3 - 05/03/12

(6 images)

Renovations through 5/6 - 05/05/12

(5 images)

Renovations through 5/7 - 05/07/12

(13 images)

Renovations through 5/8 - 05/08/12

(13 images)

Renovations through 5/10 - 05/10/12

(12 images)

Renovations through 5/12 - 05/12/12

(31 images)

Renovations through 5/20 - 05/20/12

(27 images)

Renovations through 5/22 - 05/22/12

(24 images)

Renovations through 5/30 - 05/30/12

(14 images)

Renovations through 6/8 - 06/08/12

(20 images)

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