We can use your financial support to help our parish do the work of the Lord, thrive and grow, and extend the Kingdom of God in Delmarva.  May the Lord bless your generosity!

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Our Monthly Goal
Stewardship - $12,264.00 (monthly)
07/01/24 - 07/31/24

Our parish relies on the generous and regular donations of its members and friends to make the ministy of the church possible. Please consider supporting our parish with a single or recurring donation. May the Lord bless you!

Building Project Site Plan - $25,000.00

At the 2024 Annual Meeting of Christ the Savior, the Parish unanimously passed a motion to develop a site plan for the construction of a new Temple on the church property adjacent to the existing Parish Center. The estimated cost to develop this plan is between $15,000-25,000 .  If you would like to donate towards this special project, please earmark your donation for the “Building Fund” or make a donation online. May the Lord bless you for your generosity and may He guide the work of our hands!

$24,181.04 raised of $25,000.00
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$200.0007/12/24 @ 3:50pm
$100.0007/12/24 @ 12:21pm
$500.0007/12/24 @ 5:51am
$50.0007/11/24 @ 11:52am
$50.0007/11/24 @ 7:53am

Archived Projects
HVAC Systems Replacement - $20,000.00

Two HVAC systems in the Parish Center, both nearly 20 years old, needed to be replaced in early August and the total cost was $20,000. We are asking your kind assistance to help us cover the expense of installing these new systems. Should you have any questions, please be sure to speak with Don Rowe, our Junior Warden.  We thank you for generosity and care for His Church!

$20,000.00 raised of $20,000.00
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$50.0003/07/23 @ 9:12am
$1,000.0003/05/23 @ 9:11am
$50.0002/26/23 @ 10:31am
$243.7002/15/23 @ 7:59pm
$150.0002/12/23 @ 8:12am

Parking Lot Repairs - $15,153.00

During the Annual Parish Meeting on February 6, 2022, it was unanimously decided to raise money to pay for much needed repairs to the church’s entrance drive and parking lot. The existing asphalt has already deteriorated considerably and postponing these necessary repairs will only increase the scope and cost of the work. It is requested that the members and benefactors of Christ the Savior, prayerfully consider making a donation to cover the cost of the repairs, which total at $15,153. Should you have any questions, please speak with Fr. John or Don Rowe, our junior warden. Thank you for your generosity!

$16,958.60 raised of $15,153.00
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$243.7007/29/22 @ 6:15am
$2,000.0005/22/22 @ 4:16pm
$243.7005/19/22 @ 4:32pm
$100.0005/15/22 @ 4:16pm
$1,000.0005/15/22 @ 1:32pm

Project Illumination - $40,000.00

We are now raising funds to install crosses, mosaics, and lighting at our new entrance way on Carey Road. The archway will be adorned with a large mosaic of the Icon of Christ Not-Made-By-Hands, and ten smaller mosaics of Christian symbols will be installed on the accompanying walls. Twelve lampposts in honor of the apostles will be placed along the entrance road leading to Christ the Savior. Two crosses will be installed on top of the roof of the archway and church sign. This entire project is being dedicated to the memory of our founding priest, Protopresbyter Daniel Hubiak, who reposed in the Lord on February 5, 2021. May his memory be eternal!

$48,107.97 raised of $40,000.00
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$243.7008/11/23 @ 6:58pm
$500.0006/04/23 @ 5:53pm
$2,000.0004/09/23 @ 6:04am
$5,000.0010/23/22 @ 12:12pm
$50.0012/29/21 @ 1:00pm

Entrance Project - $60,000.00

We heartily thank you all for helping us build our new arch and supporting walls at the church entrance on Carey Road.  May the Lord bless you for your generosity!

$66,028.76 raised of $60,000.00
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$100.0001/04/21 @ 7:58pm
$97.3012/31/20 @ 2:48pm
$100.0012/28/20 @ 8:41pm
$150.0012/25/20 @ 1:25pm
$494.7012/15/20 @ 6:45am

Burial of Monk Christian - $7,000.00

Father Christian reposed in the Lord on Friday, January 8, 2021 at the age of 77. He was a founding member of Christ the Savior, beloved parishioner and friend, and faithful Orthodox Christian. 

In lieu of flowers, we ask that you kindly consider making a donation to help cover the burial costs for Fr. Christian. We have prepared this online donation page to facilitate offerings and to show the progress of our fundraising goal. However, you may also make an earmarked donation via check/cash and mail your offering to the church: Christ the Savior Orthodox Church 10315 Carey Road Berlin, MD 21811

more information > 

$7,000.86 raised of $7,000.00
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$303.0008/08/21 @ 12:11am
$48.5004/03/21 @ 12:07pm
$50.0002/07/21 @ 7:37pm
$25.0002/04/21 @ 9:06am
$50.0001/20/21 @ 6:27pm
Financial Assistance - $3,000.00
03/01/20 - 09/01/20

In light of the economic hardship suffered by a number of parishioners and their families and in accordance with the desire of many of our faithful to help support their brothers and sisters in Christ, we have established a new campaign for financial assistance to those adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Should you wish to make an earmarked donation to a person or family in need, you may do so online or by sending in a check to the church earmarked for "Financial Assistance". May the Lord bless you generosity!

$3,895.91 raised of $3,000.00
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$50.0006/27/20 @ 9:55pm
$50.0006/10/20 @ 3:09pm
$47.9506/06/20 @ 10:58am
$200.0004/21/20 @ 11:21am
$500.0004/21/20 @ 11:20am
Other Ways to Support

When visitors come to Christ the Savior they often ask how they can help. Over the years we have received so much support from people who truly wish that the Orthodox Faith take root in Delmarva. For this we are tremendously grateful! We ask that you too might consider being part of the mission by doing the following:

1) Worship With Us – whether you are a year-round or seasonal member or even an occasional visitor, you are part of our parish family, and when you pray with us you help to strengthen and encourage us.

2)  Spread the Word – tell your family, friends, and about our mission and invite them to come and visit us. A personal invitation is the number one way the Church grows. Tell a friend to “Come and see!”

3)  Pledge Your Support – help us meet our tight budget by pledging your financial support. Even if you are not a full-time or even part-time member, your financial assistance can help make a difference. Consider enrolling in the ranks of our Benefactors ($1000/year), Supporters ($500/year), or Contributors ($250/year).

4)  Make a Donation – since our establishment in 2000, our building fund has steadily grown through the generous donations of our supporters. We ask that you considering making an offering toward our building fund so that we might one day erect a temple to the glory of God!

5)  Pray For Us – remember us in your prayers, asking that the Lord strengthen, help, and direct us according to His divine will.


To make a secure online donation with your credit or debit card, or your Paypal account, please click "Donate" below. Thank you, and may the Lord bless your generosity!


Christ the Savior Orthodox Church
10315 Carey Road
Berlin, MD 21811

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Latest News
Newly-departed: Matushka Annice Oleynik - 07/08/24

It is with deep sadness, but firm consolation through faith in Jesus Christ as our Resurrection and Life, that we share with you the news that Matushka Annice Oleynik, surrounded by her husband, Archpriest Joseph, her daughters, and their families, gave her soul into the hands of the Lord at 3:36pm on Saturday, July 6, 2024. An obituary and the funeral arrangements have now been made available below. May the soul of the newly-departed handmaiden of God, Matushka Annicia, dwell among the righteous and may Her Memory be Eternal!

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We've raised
Our Monthly Goal
Stewardship - $12,264.00 (monthly)

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What is the Orthodox Church?

“The Orthodox Christian Church is evangelical, but not Protestant.
It is orthodox, but not Jewish. It is catholic, but not Roman.
It is not denominational, it is pre-denominational.
It has believed, taught, preserved, defended, and died for the
Faith of the Apostles since the Day of Pentecost nearly 2,000 years ago.”
– Our Life in Christ

What is the Orthodox Church?

“The Orthodox Christian Church is evangelical, but not Protestant. It is orthodox, but not Jewish. It is catholic, but not Roman. It is not denominational, it is pre-denominational. It has believed, taught, preserved, defended, and died for the Faith of the Apostles since the Day of Pentecost nearly 2,000 years ago.”
– Our Life in Christ

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